Saturday, September 28, 2013

SWS 2013, Delivery #2 - Oliver's Garden

My box arrived yesterday.

It was left on the porch - ironically, I happened to be home on Friday, but the post employee didn't bother knocking so I only got notice of it when the Boy came back home from work.

Out of the three orders I made during the Sidewalk Sale (SWS), this happened to be the "smallest" one. I mostly stocked up on Chunky Monkeys, one of Shade's favourite toys, as well as getting a few other flock favourites.

Here they are -

6 "Chunky Monkeys" - for just about any bird, except maybe Piper who would find the wood a bit too thick.

2 "Mackerel Snackers" - will probably be hung in common areas, where I expect a number of the Littles to partake in their destruction.

2 "Rainbow Trout Jr." - which will probably have a similar fate as the above Mackerel Snacker toys and meet their "demise" at the same beaks...

1 (modified) "Big Daddy" - this one was purchased with Léa in mind. I said "modified", as it came with plastic beads which I removed, since I don't really give hard plastics to Léa given she can snap them really easily and create sharp edges. I quite like this look!

Finally, a little freebie included in my order. A little foot toy fish!

Thanks Susan!

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Anita said...

Wow- those chunky monkeys are SUPER colorful!