Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's been a while

While I had an excuse in September, being gone on holidays, I don't really have one now, other than things have been busy and I haven't felt like posting anything on the blog, or really, being online in a fashion that forced me to write anything.

It's obvious that most of the content of my blog is related to pictures I take of my flock - and in light of the many MANY pictures I still have to go through from my trip, I hardly feel like taking any additional pictures to add to the pile of unprocessed pictures.

With that said, I have taken a few pictures this morning to force me to be a little bit more active here and to get back into the swing of posting at least once a day, even if it's a quick picture post and then dash. I feel like I need to do so for myself, first of all, as I like going back in older posts and seeing how the birds were a few months/years ago.

As well, last week I received my last Sidewalk Sale order (from Things for Wings) and it's a BIG order and I should post about it shortly (need to take pictures first). I'm also making a new batch of food to be frozen for the birds this week-end so that will show up eventually.

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