Saturday, February 16, 2013

Who would have known...

Piper could spend his day glued to my shoulder or in my hand getting his head scratched if I let him.

He likes getting ALL the attention and isn't too much of a happy camper if I spread the love to others while they are out.

So you would have thought that being let out a few minutes earlier than the others for some exclusive one on one time with me would have made him happy.

It seems not.

Instead of spending the time with me, he flew all over the place, screaming (yes screaming as loud as his little lungs could take) for the others.

The moment the others starting showing up, he was screaming less, but as they were all in a "chatty" (to put things nicely...) mood this morning, he continued to make noise with them. But at that point he was sitting nicely on my shoulder.

Weird birds.

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