Monday, May 14, 2012

Léa, you are one year old today!

One year!

It's still sinking in that a year ago, you hatched out of your egg. I was quite excited about yours' and your siblings' hatchings.

Have things changed since I first brought you home? Yes and I'm quite happy with the bird you've become. In fact, today was quite a busy day here, and I don't think you got the proper celebration you deserved; not to worry, I have a few days off and I'll make up for it then.

I can't say how proud I was of you today - you handled this big change, the move that is, the best out of all the birds. You didn't seem phased at all by the change of scenery. You just proceeded to play with toys that were at your disposition. When I did take you out of your cage, you behaved very nicely and even indulged me (and yourself) in a nice long cuddle session.

You have come a long way since we first shared our existence; you are a much better eater, you are a great flyer (and your landings have greatly improved as well), you don't seem nearly as are growing up. You have also lately started to want to talk with human words more and you have what I call your "human voice" - and although I can't always make out what you are saying, that is the voice you use when you try to use words we could understand. I find it rather amusing!

You are also more playful than ever, if that is possible. You really have taken a liking to interactive play as well - while I wouldn't call it wrestling, you do like me to me hands on when you are in that playful mind.

One thing that hasn't changed though, is your love of pears..

It's been a joy having you around (although on some days you have been more than a handful) and I do look forward to spending many more years in your company!

One last thing, ever since I knew about your egg, I had meant to do something to allow me to look back throughout your first year of life rather easily and given how I like to take pictures, it seemed like the logical way to put this together. Here is a montage of the biggest milestones (according to me anyways) of your first year of life.


Maya said...

WOW! Time really flies!! O_O One year old already! Happy bird-day, Lea!! May you grow old and wrinkly with your mommy. ;)

Fernand said...

Life goes just too fast!!! You made my day with all these pictures :) Very Happy Birthday, Léa. And tell mom to don't forget to send me your new adress!

ming-ming said...

Wow one year!
Happy Hatchday Lea :)

Maureen Russell said...

Happy birthday Lea! Your pictures were beautiful! Loved watching the year in pictures!!