Thursday, March 13, 2014


I'm sitting at the computer with the trio of Piper, Shade and Zuri out of their cages. Piper, as always, is pretty much glued to one of my shoulders and I was just thinking how nice it would be to have Shade close as well (as I'm hearing Zuri munching on wood, I'm quite happy with him keeping busy and playing). As I was pondering getting up and asking Shade to step up, I hear a bird fly and land on the back of the chair I'm occupying. It sounded like Shade's wing flapping (yes, they are distinct), I turn around and I was right!

I'm much happier about her choosing to come over to cuddle (she's sitting on my shoulder, and keeps trying to nuzzle as close to my neck as possible) over having asked her to come (although she would have had a choice there too). To anyone who thinks that flighted birds are less tame, it's not true. And it's much more rewarding to know when they do come and spend time one-on-one, it's because they really want to.

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