Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Hatchday Shade!

Shade turns 8 today!

Which means my adventure in owning Pois (or them owning me) started almost eight years ago.

I will never forget the first time I got to meet her little fuzzy butt (April 30, 2006) for the first time. She was a month old back then and injured (broken leg which was not healing properly). Those first few months of her life involved lots of visit to the vet but it was all worth it.

This morning she surprised me by saying something she used to say much more (but had stopped for some reason) - a very loud and clear "Bisou!" (kiss in French). It warmed my heart and made me very happy. Not that I insist that my parrots talk, far from it, but the enthusiasm she put into this request for a kiss got to me. Eight years and she still surprises me.

Happy hatchday Shade!

(And this wraps up the series of hatchdays I had for March, next two to come in May!)

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