Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pre-Sidewlk Sale Things for Wings order

I placed this order with Things for Wings because our supply of TOP pellets was starting to get low and I wanted to ensure I received it before I ran out. Therefore, even though I was made aware of the dates for the Sidewalk Sale over at Avian Avenue, I didn't wait. In fact, the sale might have prompted me to actually go forward with the order there and then, as I knew the volume of orders made during the sale would make the wait longer. And because I was going to pay the ridiculous Canada Post shipping charges anyway, I thought I may as well add toys - I did still have a 15% off T4W toys coupon, which I got at a previous sale, so why not use it?

The box showed up earlier this week, but given it was a rather crazy time at work, I didn't get around to taking pictures until today.

When I opened the box, there were a few items I didn't recognize - more so, because it I apparently had no recollection of what I ordered, other than for five items (and two of those were food related and one was some cleaning solution we were in need of).

So with the help of my invoice, here is what was in the box!

Watermelon Picnic basket

This is the toy that puzzled me the most. I absolutely had no recollection of having ordered something with a basket. To be fair, I thought I might as well try some toys that I hadn't ordered before and this one would be appreciated by a number of the birds so it made sense that I added it to my shopping basket. But makes no sense that I couldn't even remember that.

Catching Flies

While I didn't remember that I had ordered it, I wasn't nearly as surprised to see this in the box. I had an "oh yeah" moment when I saw it. Léa will also be very happy.

Léa's toy

I had to take all the other toys out before being 100% convinced of what this toy was. I remembered I had ordered one, but it never looks exactly the same from one order to the next, which I have no problem with, as it always looks awesome and always includes materials that fit the requirements I had given when I first ordered the custom made toy. This is one of my favourite renditions of it, and I'm sure Ms. Big Beak will love it too.

Sunflower Woods

Another toy I didn't remember ordering, one that didn't leave me as puzzled as the Watermelon Picnic Basket but more so than the Catching Flies. Again, a toy that quite a few birds will enjoy, and might actually be shared by one of the smaller Pois (for initial destruction) and Léa (for the harder pieces of wood). I believe this also fell under the "let's try a toy I haven't ordered before" category, although I'm not sure I didn't get it once before...

Cork Barkunkle

I remember looking at these and debating about possibly ordering some, but didn't remember if I had gone through with it. Apparently I did! And I'm happy I did!

Cork Pick and Chip Stack

I knew I ordered these, as they were a success with all of the smaller Pois. They don't last too long, but the toy is very reasonably priced, if you consider the cork and the time it takes to cut the wood, so well worth it.

Wild Tulips

This is another one that falls clearly under the category of toys I thought I should give a try...then to forget about ordering it. This toy has Shade written all over it!

Just a Watermelon Toy

I look at this, and it makes sense that I ordered it. But like it's fellow watermelon toy, I don't recall having done so. I apparently loved the watermelon collection (I will have one or two more items coming thanks to the Sidewalk Sale) but I'm bad at remembering them. And I don't know why, some of these are so well suited for my guys!

That was it for the toys. Here is the "miscellaneous" stuff -

Mango Ginger Minis

Yes, that is some Avian Organics food! While T4W has been carrying some AO products for some time, I believe for the most part, they were products that were designed solely to be distributed by T4W (I could be wrong). However, as earlier this month, AO is no longer handling retails sails and T4W is now carrying a larger selection of the AO products, including a flock favourite, Mango Ginger Minis! While I was sad to see one of my favourite parrot-related business "close" in a way, I'm happy that I can still get AO food from T4W, which also will allow me to maximize shipping (include the food with a toy order and just have the one shipment coming my way!)

TOPs (10lbs bag)

Given the size of my flock, it makes sense to buy the largest bag available, and the only place I've seen it in Canada is at T4W. It lasts about three months (we replace pellets in the cages every second day) and keep the rest in the freezer.

Finally, the last thing that was part of this order was some AviClean concentrate solution. I didn't take a picture, as I had taken it out of the box when I opened it and asked the Boy to put it away before I took pictures.

And that is it!

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