Saturday, March 1, 2014

6 years ago...

It's once again time for another "gotcha day" post!

Six years ago we brought Joey home. Ironically, it was a similar day weather wise, with snow coming down and not at all looking like Spring was anywhere close to showing up.

Six years of his silly antics, although earlier this morning I found myself unable to properly think and, count and for some reason, I thought it was nine years and wondered how that could be! But then realized he hatched in 2005, not that we got him that year...but sadly, that also means he'll be nine this year (nearly into double digits!)

He's got a lot of head scrtiches this morning, which seemed to make him very happy, and now I should go through the bins of toys to find something to give him - and given he's not very picky as far as toys are concerned, it should be easy to find something he'll love to chew on.

Here's to many more years together! And, because why not, here's my favourite picture of him taken on his first day home with us!

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