Monday, March 24, 2014


A few weeks ago, Crystal's Bird Toys was having a sale (the exact nature of which I can't recall) and of course I was tempted to put in an order. Add to this that I meant to order some of her Daleks for some time now, I didn't really stand a chance to pass on the sale.

This was an order mainly geared towards the smaller Pois (Piper has plenty of toys to go on rotation as he rarely destroys things in his cage and I got quite a stash or larger toys for Léa).

What did I get?

The Daleks of course!


 I also got five "Lovebirds", although I only took a picture of one as they didn't fit nicely in the picture frame and this way you get a better idea of what one looks like.

Finally, I also added some "Make it Snappy" to my order. Again, ordered five of them, but for the same reason as I wrote above for the Lovebirds, I only took the picture of one of the toys.

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