Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Determined, yes, the more "polite" way of saying stubborn.

Some days, I wish she had the same attention span as Joey who moves from one thing to the next very quickly. But when she's fixated on something, there is no deterring her. What caught her attention this morning? The computer monitor on/off button. She will not leave it along. I've tried ignoring her, she keeps at it. I tried moving her to things that are more appropriate, she kept going back. Eventually, I got very tired of it and asked her to stop...which she will for a few minutes before going back and trying to chew it some more.

I've also never had a bird that was so keen that you NOT clean up her droppings if she's close by. She'll make very low and sweet noises while she tries to get your hand.

Sigh. Who needs a toddler when you have a three year old Cape parrot?

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