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Toy order - Things for Wings Red Light Specials

Two week-ends ago, Things for Wings (T4W) held a week-end sale. referred to as the "Red light specials". Essentially, every hour a new item would be on sale, with unknown quantities (to the buyers) pre-set and once they ran out, either a new item would take it's place or there was nothing until the following hour. As well, there were lightning rounds, with more coveted/rare items, which were up for a shorter amount of time, but really, they sold out before the time ran out.

The sale started Friday evening and ended Sunday evening. I did very well, as far as my wallet was concerned Friday evening and most of Saturday. In fact, my only purchase on Friday were some jumbo willow coins, a lucky break as apparently they weren't supposed to go up at that time.

Being very busy outdoors on Saturday, I didn't pay attention to what was on sale until later in the evening. And while I was good at resisting by being away from a computer screen, the moment I was "online", well I got roped into the excitement. There was a thread about the sale going on simultaneously over at Avian Avenue, and, honestly, part of the fun was trying to "snip" interesting items away from others! Mind you, I only did this with items I a) wanted and b) considered a very good deal. In any case, at the end of Saturday, I had a few more items purchased than I thought I would initially get.

Then came Sunday...and having had fun the previous evening, I kept a closer eye on the sale and got a considerable amount of goods. The one item that I didn't get the day before that I had actually wanted was a cork bark perch, and really, I paid closer attention just in case it ever would become available again and, of course, saw a number of other interesting items.

So what did I end up getting?

Let's get the "boring" out of the way first, not part of the sale, but an item I was going to order that week-end anyways because we were running low, a 10lbs bag of TOPs pellets.

 About two months worth of pellets...

Here are the aforementioned jumbo willow coins - Shade will be happy!

Before I proceed with the rest, I'll mention that most of what I did purchase as pre-made toys (aka not toy parts) were not made from larger companies (as T4W carries toys from other toy makers), but were from small businesses. They were the items I coveted the most (other than that cork bark perch!) and I'll indicate under the pictures the name of the toy and who made it.

T4W - Sweet n' simple

T4W - Sparky Stars

T4W -  Valentine's Day Shredder

T4W - Envy 

The following two toys (over the next three pictures) were toys I had considered for quite some time, mostly for Léa due to the hardwood shapes, and this was the perfect opportunity to try them out!

T4W - Catching Flies, sideways view

T4W - Catching Flies. front view

T4W - Girl Power

The next two toys will go to some of the smaller guys, due to the plastic parts and easier to chew/shred naturals. To whom exactly they will go, I don't know yet. They were also some of the first toys to make it into the pile.

T4W - Tulips on the Fence

T4W - Fenced in carrots

The following three toys were sold as good for bunnies and other similar animals. The first and the third I believe were created specifically for them (but will work great with my flock) and the second one was part of an existing collection for parrots. All natural an undyed parts! The third one was also the first item I could grabbed from the sale that had cork bark in it!

T4W - New Bunny Toy

T4W - Backwood sampler (a favourite of Léa's!)

T4W - Cork pick and chip stack

Taking a little break from posting T4W toys, a few Avian Stainless toys made their appearance from time to time as well. Couldn't pass on the opportunity to grab a few of these at a discounted price!

Avian Stainless (AS) (from left to right) - Puzzle Bell, Lovin Spoonful foot toy and Disco Shaker

A few perches came up, and I managed to get two...

T4W - Fantastic Foraging Perch Large

Cork bark perch!!!!!!

Yes, I managed to get one of the coveted cork bark perch! Danita felt generous and had quite a few up and limited them to one per customer. What is equally as satisfying as getting that perch? Being able to get a few pre-drilled chunks of cork bark! Those will easily fill some skewers.

Natural barky cork

When I first opened my box, I saw this brown paper bag marked "surprise".

I was intrigued, wondering what the "additional" surprise might be. Then I remembered that I actually purchased a surprise bag and got curious as to what the item(s) was/were, that I purchased blindly.

It was a perch. A nice cholla perch.

That was the last of the items in the box, but I did purchase one additional thing during the sale. What might it be? A "coupon" allowing me to save 15% off T4W toys on my next order. I had a browse around the website yesterday, and a few things caught my attention. Looking forward to the next order!

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