Sunday, August 10, 2014

A bittersweet order

I've had these toys since Thursday night, but was struggling with posting about them.


Because they are the last toys I'll ever get from Crystal's Bird Toys. Earlier in July, due to personal reasons, the toys portion from CBT closed. I actually very nearly missed the boat on ordering toys - not sure what took me so long to take the plunge.

Many of the flocks favourites were no longer available. But one was, one that I was the reason behind it coming to existence (it was a custom order once) and did I take ever advantage of the fact that it was still listed!

I swear, there are no repeats in the pictures!

Above are eight "Make it Snappy". THE favourite CBT toy of my flock. I have a feeling that I might subject them to a period of hoarding....

Because Léa destroys "Make it Snappy" in a day or so, I got her the larger model, "Oh Snap".

While browsing around what was left on the website, I found this toy, something I never tried before and figured I might as well get before they were all gone, as I'm sure quite a few of the birds would like them, "Tookie's Tango".

Although initially everything was going to close, a few days later, Crystal announced that she would still be selling specific parts, namely pine slats. I also got a few in my order and will most definitively be buying more in the future. In the past, Crystal had been generous enough to let me use her equipment so I could cut/drill my own wood, and while cutting was fun, I could do without the drilling.

It is sad to be losing a store which had great toys, and even more so because it was local and truly affordable. However, I was able to gain a friend and truly with the best to Crystal - and I will most definitively remain a customer with the new direction the store is taking!

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