Sunday, August 10, 2014

The "leave me alone" Cape posture

When Léa adopts this posture, it is best to let her calm down. At least, I know that and, after a I have repetead this a few times and after a few bites, I think the Boy has (finally) caught on as well...

He had done something that made her unhappy, and then, immediately requested she steps up. She got all puffy and would lean backwards, yet he kept insisting...and she nailed him. Mind you, he did not bleed as a result of this bite, but for that exact reason, I find those type of bites hurt the most of all; she puts so much pressure, you know something isn't right on the inside, but there is no place for anything to "move", for pressure to regularize, and that bite will hurt for days.

I made it sound like she bit him right away, but she didn't. She did "dance" a little, more so of a warning dance than anything, but he kept insisting, so then she bit him. When she gives this type of warning, I let her cool down; I actually rarely get caught by those bites, no, for me she reserves "pinching bites" sometimes for no reason, but more often because she thinks she deserves more attention (as a matter of fact, as I am typing this, I *just* got pinched - I think someone wants her head scratched instead, but I will not reward the behaviour and will scratch her head once she calms down and does something else).

In any case, to get back to the story behind these pictures, after having got caught, the Boy finally looked a me and said "I think we should let her calm down, let's ignore her for a while" - which we did and she was then in a much better disposition to step up.

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