Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy "Gotcha day" Petey!

Six years ago (yesterday), Petey joined the flock.

Although most of his history is unknown to me, I know the few months prior to us getting him were filled with change; he ended up in a rescue, was adopted out and came back within a few weeks. Out of all of my birds, he's the one who has had the most homes.

He also is the oldest, and given we don't know exactly when his hatchdate is, we will celebrate him turning 19 today (his band does say he was hatched in 1995).

Although being the oldest is really no excuse for him having had so many "homes". I truly hope that none of my other birds will have to go through what he did, and they won't so long as I am able to properly care for them.

In any case, today is Petey's day. While he and I are still on a "no touch" basis, the Boy, who has always been "his person", has made even more progress as far as Petey trusting him. While Petey was always enamored with him, there are certain things even the Boy couldn't do. But this year, the Boy has been able to pick him up with his hands (as opposed to asking him to step up) and has even managed to have Petey lay on his back in his hand for a few minutes at a time - things that he could never do before.

Hopefully this continues!

Happy "gotcha day" and happy hatchday Petey!

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