Monday, May 18, 2015

Oliver's Garden 2015 SWS order

The first of two of my Sidewalk Sale (SWS) orders arrived last week.

These type of deliveries generally get me pretty excited, but it was such a long week (with long days), that I didn't even open the box on the day we received it! When I did though, I was very happy with what I found inside!

Tommy Cods (for the smaller Pois)

More Tommy Cods!

Rainbow Trouts - a favourite of the smaller guys!

Starfish (likely for Léa)

Medium Chunky Monkeys (Shade and Joey love these)

More medium Chunky Monkeys! (I believe in always having a few on hand)

Finally, a toy that I will have a very hard time hanging up to be destroyed, as it is far too cute and is meant for Léa who has been ravenous with her toys of late - Kingpin.

It is a really large toy! (The width from claw to claw when placed like it is in the picture below is about the same as those three Chunky Monkey's side to side and the body/tail portion is taller than one Chunky Monkey.

I am very happy with this order!

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