Thursday, May 21, 2015

What do you do when you have a day off and it is nice out?

You take the birds outside!

To be fair, we had all week off, but this has been the first day where I deemed it warm enough to bring the birds out. And luckily, it didn't get too hot either (there is very little wiggle room here I find, we go from cold to very hot very easily), even in the direct sun.

Most birds have now become accustomed to this, and only Zuri still appears nervous and somewhat uncomfortable. Originally, the plan was to be outside for an hour and a half, but I had to admit defeat early (although I believe a few birds were happy about this decision), as the wind was picking up and pollen was flying around like crazy and I couldn't handle being out anymore (and I will not leave the birds outside without very close supervision, given I don't trust a certain neighbour and her two cats). We were outside for about an hour.

Here are a few pictures, that I tried to have look differently from past pictures taken outdoors, but there is only so much you can do with birds confined to cages.

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