Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shower time!

When we brought the birds back inside, I thought it was time for something that was long overdue - a shower. They have been taking baths here and there, but I figured it has been some time since they got properly wet all over.

So one by one, we took them out of their outside cages, brought them to the orange room and gave them a misting bottle shower (and gave my right arm a little work out...).

I wanted to keep it at one picture per bird for this post, but I can assure you, more "wet bird" posts to come, as some are downright funny and I had a very hard time to pick one picture at times. Overall, I was trying to get a certain uniformity going (as much as possible), so funnier shots to come for sure!

In some cases, it looks like they were wondering what just happened, in others, the saying "if looks could kill" applies nicely. Poor Piper kept the "ready to go" stance, should the bottle resurface...

As always, Joey looks like a drowned rat he's so wet, whereas Petey just had water rolling off of him. Shade definitively got more wet than she looks in the picture.

Having been outside, combined with the shower and a nice dinner, it appears we have tired the birds out. The first trio barely made a peep when they came out, and mostly kept it to sleeping/grooming/playing with a toy; the second trio is currently being very low key as well (Pixel on my shoulder chatting away, Petey hanging out with the Boy and Joey playing rather calmly on they computer desk). Time will tell if this had an effect on Léa, or if she'll be full of energy!

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