Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Foraging basket = fun toy

Last month I bought untreated wicker baskets at Michaels with the intent of giving them to my 3 Poi. I wanted to make it more interesting and use the full potential of the basket so I modified it a bit. I added some beads on the outside (my birds do not eat them, they enjoy taking them off the string/rope (I usually use untreated hemp string for this purpose). I then added some goodies inside the basket (foot toys, treats of all kind, paper) so that they could do a little foraging. The baskets had two handles so I added baby links to those handles and put them up in their cages.

Joey was the first one to show interest in it. He had it up for a couple of days until it fell (from the result of him chewing the wicker, I knew it would happen). He did make the most of the foraging bit before making the toy crash and seemed to genuinely like it.

Shade took a couple of days to really warm to it, and now, she tilts it sideways and uses it for her afternoon nap.

I had to take Petey's away. She became nesty around it and it probably contributed to her increasing nastiness (she's been better with it out of her cage). I had the extra basket laying around so I figured I'd put it up on one of the hanging play gyms I have in the apartment for everyone to share. Piper, who didn't have one until then, enjoyed going in and taking it apart from the inside. Ultimately, Joey made it fall by chewing the handles. It's now filled with toys on the bottom of a perch I move around. However, while it was still up, I did take a video of Piper and Shade enjoying it.

This was a very cheap toy to "make" and ever bird here has enjoyed it, in some fashion.

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