Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Clowning around

Red-bellies are known to be the clown of the Poicephalus family. After owning one for a couple of months and being able to compare it to other two different Pois, I can say it seems true.

I've started taking videos of my birds and lately, Joey has been featuring more and more in them. I'm not trying to be partial towards him, but he's the one bird that keeps doing things which makes me laugh.

Poicephalus are also known to love playing on their backs and although I've seen all three of mine do it, I was only able to capture Joey doing it on video. Shade sees the camera and stops whatever she is doing to pose and when Petey sees it, she just freezes up.

Therefore, here are a couple videos of Joey clowning around.

Playing on his back (he does mumble quite a bit in the video so it's worth listening with the volume up)

Playing with a bell

Playing with multiple bells

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