Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Piper the Lovebird

"Feisty lovebug"

It was quite the dilemma, whether I should start with Piper on a blog called "It's a Pois World" since she's not a Poicephalus parrot. She is, however, my first parrot so it seemed logical that I would start with her.

Piper is 3 years old. I have had her since May 2005. She came from a friend of the family who has a small home-based aviary. Her and one of her two siblings from that clutched had a splayed leg. Given their handicap (the third sibling was fine), the breeder didn't feel right selling them so both of them were to be given away. Piper actually went to another home before coming to mine. Those former owners actually lost her in the house and brought her back to the breeder nearly dead. Piper pulled through (first indication on how strong her will is really). Then on the 17th (if I remember right), I went with my mother to visit her friend. Knowing I was coming along, she had her two remaining babies (Piper and the one that was fine) out and ready to show. I was only going to visit the babies, I had no intention of getting one (I was interested in a Green cheek conure that was for sale in a local pet store). The moment I was close enough to Piper for her to jump, she did, then ran up my arm and nuzzled behind my ear and chirped softly there. There was no dislodging her. She chose me and I couldn't say no. She came home with me on that day (the breeder was nice enough to lend me a cage until I could buy one myself).

A lot of people are wary of Lovebirds. They seemingly have a reputation of being nasty and nippy. I don't find that true at all in every case, in fact I know a couple of very nice lovebirds. If properly handled each day and given plenty of attention, Lovebirds thrive and can be adorable and sweet. Piper rarely ever bites, and when she does it's not hard and it's because she's been really bothered. She's well socialized and will go to anyone. Having to keep Lovebirds in pairs is a myth; it is absolutely unnecessary. In fact, if you keep only one, chances are it will have a stronger bond with you. Also, there is no guarantee that putting two Lovebirds together will mean they will get along. Lovebirds can inflict serious wounds so before sticking two birds together, think about it.

Baby picture (the yellow one on the right is Nicky, one of my mom's lovebirds)

Piper and I

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