Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pixel update

I guess it's time to provide a little update on Pixel.

She's been with us for a little over a month now, close to two (on August 11th).

She's settling in fine. If anyone remembers, she was in a room with other birds, but had no specific cage. So whether or not she would adapt to being caged was somewhat of a concern and, from what I've seen, she's taken to her cage very well. I have no problem putting her back in when it's time to go in and she's finally started to really use all the different perches instead of clinging to the side of her cage (where she was before, there was a grate-type thing that acted as the door to the living room and when we went to see her, we did notice that she clung to those bars of metal like she did to the side of her cage when we first got her.

Her adaption with other birds.
She stays clear of Petey, moves when Zuri comes by and seems intrigued by Joey and wants to do like he does. The only thing I really have to watch is how she is with Shade. Shade is her direct "competition" for me and..well it has created some tiffs. While Shade no longer wants to attack like she did when Pixel first got here (and she has never done this before with any of the new additions), Pixel seems to want to try and get to her sometimes. But since this normally happens in the very close proximity of myself, I normally put a stop before she pushes Shade too far. It might also be some type of competition between the only two hens, I'm not sure.

As for her flight situation. Like I mentioned before, she had a few flight feathers on each side, not next to each other, most were clipped so when she went to the vet, she did get the strays clipped as well, to bring them back to the same level as the others (which were by no means clipped all that much) to balance things out. Now that the feathers are molting out, she's gaining more confidence in flying further and further and has made it a few times from the atom at one side of the living room all the way to myself sitting at the computer all the way to the other side of the room. Our living room is roughly 20' wide or so.

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