Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just received a Mother Pluckin' shipment of toys!

I did it. I ordered straight from Mother Pluckin'.
Well it's not entirely true. I joined in on an order a friend was doing. We had planned to do so for a while (cut shipping costs) and since I had heard of a sale which was going on on one of the parrot forums I follow, it just seem that now was the time to do so.

Here's what I got.

Since not everything shows up clearly, I got the following:

-medium atom
-acrylic ceiling protectors 12"
-small refillable stainless steel corkscrew
-mini waffle wafers - wood mixed (coloured + natural wood)
-avian mini maze munchers - wood mixed (coloured + natural wood)
-avian belgium waffle refill kit - wood mixed (coloured + natural wood)
-avian block party refill kit - wood mixed (coloured + natural wood) and all type of blocks

So far, the only thing that is up for everyone to see is one of the ceiling protectors - I put it on my already hanging atom (since the baby links that were holding it prior to this were menacing to snap at any moment..) and so far, it's managed to terrify Shade, Pixel and even Zuri. Joey, Petey and Piper don't seem to have any issues with the big terrifying blue piece of acrylic...

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