Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I've got an escape artist...


I came home and did my round of checking that every bird is doing fine in their cage. Start with Pixie, move onto Joey then Petey (one side of the room), move onto Piper and then Shade....Shade's cage was empty. My heart stopped for a moment, I look up and there she is, happily waiting on her cage for me to ask her to step up (she does a little dance when she wants me to pick her up and I'm not fast enough).

Breath a sigh of relief, flip her on her back, check her toes (in case she felt like going on the bars of another cage and had someone bite her), then proceeded to check every other bird's toes (in case by being on another cage, she managed to get a toe). Every bird is fine.

Second sigh of relief.

She got out by a side door, the one holding her water bowl. I always close and lock it when I change water, I'm really trying to figure out how she managed to open it...

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