Saturday, July 24, 2010

A little observation...

Zuri is a fairly independent bird, specially if compared to my other Pois - he likes to play a lot and spends most of his time doing so and only comes to us for a bit of personal attention.

However, I have noticed that each time I bird sit and the extra birds then leave to go back home, for a few days following their departure he's a needy little guy - he wants to be on me / around me and can't get enough of his head scratched (which if I try to do any other time, unless he comes to me, I won't be able to do).

The result of this?

For a bit, I was sitting here this morning with Shade on my shoulder, Piper sitting on the pillow I normally keep between myself and the computer desk, Pixel on a table perch on the computer desk wanting her head scratched (and me following with her wishes) and Zuri on a perch in my lap getting his head scratched as well.

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