Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quick and easy skewer toys

In the past I've always shared skewer toys when I showed some of the toys I made myself. They were always an easy thing to do, but they just got easier.

A while ago, I received orders I've made at Things for Wings and Crystal's Bird Toys during Avian Avenue's Sidewalk Sale.

From Things for Wings, I got a large bag filled with odd shapes of wood that were already pre-drilled. Well, given the pieces can be on the thicker side, I've used them on Léa's skewer (it's larger than the others I have). I've also used large wooden beads and some Mother Pluckin' blocks she hadn't quite finished destroying from the previous time I filled the skewer up.

For the Littles, I used pre-made skewer toys from Crystal Bird Toys, as well as a few pine slats and beads that had been included the previous time I filled the skewer but not yet destroyed. However, most of what is on them is the skewer toys and I only needed a few to make the skewers look nice and full! I'm sure Joey, Shade and Pixel will love! (I also have some of these for Petey and Zuri, however their skewers were still quite full when I filled these up).

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