Friday, November 22, 2013

It's not always smiles...

Initially, this post was going to be about a silly fact of Léa. She took a bath one evening and the carpet around her cage was feeling wet, the papers at the bottom of her cage were drenched so you would assume her to look about the same...

..but no.

Her head was just barely wet. 

I wanted to take a few pictures and for a few minutes, she stood there, happily perching and posing. But then it became apparent that all I wanted were pictures (showing how little wet she was) and not to let her out (we had to leave for the parrot club meeting that evening and the Boy was checking the cages to ensure they were all closed and noticed wet Léa) and that was it - I got a rare glimpse of Léa not looking happy, the big goofy smile on her beak was gone.

She actually wasn't looking that bad as I pressed the shutter. This was the last picture I took before letting her be - wasn't going to push the issue!

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