Saturday, November 30, 2013

I can't believe I missed this!

I think this is just a testament to how busy I have been this month. This is something I was looking forward to most of the year and, when the day actually came by, I forgot about it entirely.

This blog turned 5 earlier this month, on November 4th to be precise.

It is hard to believe I have been at this for 5 years, starting in 2008. I remember not knowing exactly what I would make of it, and probably didn't think I'd continue for as long. Sure, I wasn't a frequent poster in the beginning, but according to recent stats, if you consider all my posts and my starting date, I do have an average of a little more than one post per day, which I think is pretty good for me.

I am aware that a high percentage of my posts here are merely pictures, but it is no surprise to me as I do enjoy sharing pictures and there doesn't always need to be text to go with them. And quite a few people have told me that they enjoy the pictures, even on their own, so I see no reason to change things.

I don't know how many more years I'll keep at this religiously, but since it is, most of the time, part of my daily routine to try and post something, this might go on for some time still. Guess we will see!

And, for nostalgia sake, here is a link to my very first post (back when the blog actually went by another name - It's a Poi world -

Just Poifect: The beginning

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