Saturday, November 30, 2013

365 Parrots - the book!

Last year, I took on a challenge, which was to take a picture a day for a whole year, and since I had 7 birds, I had one for every day of the week (I would mix it up, but that way everyone was featured once a week).

When I finished the project, I thought these would be nice in a book. But I needed to take some distance from it and only started tackling putting the book together two days ago.

I have to say the break from it did do me some good, and it is nice to revisit pictures from a project that ended nearly a year ago. Bringing everything together will likely take some time and, given that I like have one page on two with a full size picture, going to be costly since the number of pages will add up...

It is *almost* making me want to do this again next year. Almost, since it is still fresh enough that I remember some frustrations about the commitment involved and just not feeling it on some days and sometimes having an uncooperative bird on a specific day...but I am still entertaining the idea. I might consider doing it with a variant that I take all my pictures on one day (i.e. Saturday or Sunday) to help me and just post a different picture every day. Actually, if I did start the project up again, I would probably do it that way.

So, stay tune, maybe come January the daily bird picture will be back on the blog!

In the mean time, here is a link that will bring you to my pictures from last year -

365 Parrots on Just Poifect!

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