Sunday, April 12, 2015

First outing of 2015!

Although my backyard looked like this just last Wednesday -

- today was a wonderfully warm and very Spring like day (finally!) and it was most definitively warm enough to bring the birds outside (about 19 degrees Celcius!)

Not everyone was thrilled, in fact, I'm quite sure Zuri felt like he was tricked to come outside and Petey and Pixel were also a little skittish, especially in the beginning, but I'm very happy everyone got to enjoy some sun without it being overly hot (like it will be this summer).

We were out there for about an hour, just so that they can start getting acclimatized to going outside again. I'll also add that I've very happy I got all these Kings aluminum travel cages (especially the 6 medium sized ones), as it is apparently impossible to find any of those in stock anywhere anymore.

Hopefully the weather keeps getting better and we'll be able to go out more frequently!

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