Sunday, July 19, 2015


As I was typing the previous blog post, I had Piper on my shoulder and, at one point, Zuri came over and went on the computer desk, hoping for me to scratch his head.

Given I was busy typing, I didn't give in to his request. Because if I considered scratching his head with one hand and typing just with one hand, a certain Lovebird wouldn't have any of it.

Turns out, Piper was going to act jealous anyways...and kept trying to get close to Zuri, and not in a friendly manner. I kept putting him back up high on my shoulder, but hey, he didn't want to even give me the opportunity to scratch Zuri's head without being in the way.

So eventually I made him go on one of the play stands. And because of his earlier jealous behaviour, I gave in and scratched Zuri's head. While Piper remained on the play stand, he did start chirping away...probably voicing his discontent.

While it may appear as it wasn't the smartest move to actually pay attention to Zuri, he was just sitting there, waiting. Wasn't doing anything else to get my attention and wasn't being pushy as Piper. I thought it would be good to reward Zuri's good behaviour.

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