Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My T4W "Garage Sale" Toys have arrived!

Recently Danita from Things for Wings had what she called a Garage Sale on Avian Avenue. Two days of discounted toys and toy parts - things were added continually and once an item was sold out, that was it.

I didn't intend to really participate and actually was pretty good about not going on the website at first to check things out (and thus avoid temptation).

Obviously I failed at one point - but what I saw I couldn't resist. She had a set of three pine toys, toys I had considered purchasing for a while, at a very low price. So I ordered them.

Pine toy #1

Pine toy #2

Pine toy #3

Along with these pine toys, I grabbed a few small bags of red willow coins - them being harder wood, I figured they would be good for Léa and possibly the other Pois would try their beak at them.

I thought that this would be it, but no..later on, Danita put up some "snuggly" toys and one of them I really liked, so I added it to my order.

All an all, I'm quite happy I decided to partake in the sale in the end. I'm very pleased with what I got!


Maya said...

Love it!

Danita said...

I am glad you came!