Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Petey update


I just sat down next to Petey without her going after me.
She then allowed me to scratch her head and just sat there nicely.

This has never happened since the "Honeymoon" period after I first got her.

She's been a bit lonely these past two weeks. My boyfriend, her favorite person, is in St-Lucia for work (coming back tonight; she's probably going to be thrilled to see him tomorrow) and I've let her have her space. I brought her close to me, as she seemed to want to be around the others and myself, but I still kept my distance.

As I took her out of her cage when I came back home from work, on a perch as one of my fingers still bears the scars of the last time I tried to take her out on my hand and I don't think we are quite there yet, I decided to try and scratch her head. She let me. I was rather impressed. This is what let me to sitting next to her and to scratch her head.

I'm thrilled by this.

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