Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last bit of hope this time around.

It turns out that the two babies I posted about previously are two males.

But..they happen to have a sibling. This little one is not with it's brothers since the dad injured it; some cuts on one side of it's face and a dented beak from what I can see. This little one got to stay with the breeder whilst the other two ended up at a local pet store.

I am hoping this little one turns out to be a female. Both Shade and Piper, the two birds I did get as babies, had issues with their legs (splayed leg for Piper and broken leg which wasn't healing right for Shade) so I don't have issues with getting birds that aren't the "perfect" image of health. Mind you, from what I could gather, this little one will most likely only have aesthetic issues; the dented beak doesn't prevent it from eating and playing. While I had kept my fingers crossed one of the other two would be a female (I was hoping to actually, for once, get one bird from the baby stage that wouldn't have any issues) this little injured one had always kept pulling my heartstrings so if it turns out to be a female, I'll put it on the case of fate.

Here is a picture.

March 15, 2010

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