Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Travel cage shopping

The prospect of possibly getting a baby bird from a place which is several hours away has forced me to look into alternative travel cages which could also double up as temporary cage. Why? The Red-bellied breeder is in Guelph, which is roughly 6 hours away from Ottawa and we would most likely stop and visit the boy's parents who are near Toronto for a few days while we are down there. Hence, the normal carrier I use for my Pois, which is a small cat/dog carrier, wouldn't cut it; while this carrier is great for small trips to the vet, parrot club meetings or for going anywhere close by, I would like something that would allow the bird to view it's surroundings more if it'll be stuck in it for a couple of hours and it's really not ideal for a temporary cage while visiting someone and would require of me to bring another cage for that purpose.

So Saturday I started doing some online shopping for a cage which would act as a travel cage as well as a temporary home to whichever bird will find itself in it for a small period of time. For a while, I've been eying the King's Cage Aluminum Travel Cage, particularly the small model.

Picture from the King's Cage website

However, up until recently, I didn't really have a valid excuse for the purchase of one of these cages; the ones I have do what I want well and I didn't need to spend the extra money on something more fancy. The fact that this would replace two cages if I will get the baby makes the purchase much more reasonable. So, with no intention on purchasing anything now, I started browsing around, seeing which online bird stores I knew carried the cage and at what price so to be ready when I decided to take the plunge. I found it on several online stores but couldn't find it on Les Jouets Rosie. Knowing Jacqueline would try to find it for me if I asked her, I made a mental note to send her an email later on. For whatever reason, later that evening I went back on her website to see if she had posted her new weekly savings, as she sometimes does it on Saturday evening..and she did. Lo and behold, the Kings Cage travel cage was there on sale! Her regular price were already low compared to others, it was now also on sale! Well, new bird or not, I couldn't pass this offer and am now, although it's still in the mail (should get here tomorrow!) the proud owner of a new travel cage! I can't wait to get it! I swear, I think she read my mind that day....

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