Monday, March 8, 2010

Some more toys

I had ordered some toys from "Les Jouets Rosie" the last few couple of weeks and have delayed shipment until last Friday. Feeling very much under the weather today, I came back home from work. One thing that came and brightened up my day was the delivery of those toys; being able to get them in person on delivery rather than having to go and get them at the post office made me feel better if only for a second.

The following toy I had first seen at last year's Canadian Parrot Conference in Guelph. It was rather on the pricey side and I had only bought one for Joey, since I figured he would be the one to enjoy it the most...and he does love it. Luckily, Jaqueline at "Les Jouets Rosie" found some and got some for her store and I bought 3 more.

Here is one of those toys

I also got the following:

"Sliders", which will go to Petey as she likes these type of toys

I already had a bigger version of this toy and thought I would get the same thing, these are about half the size of what I had, but I'm sure they'll be appreciated nonetheless

Piper and Joey will love these

Finally, I also received two bags of Nutriberries in this order and it's a good thing since I gave out the last ones yesterday morning!

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