Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My first Grey Feather Toy order

For the longest time, I've held out of ordering toys from online bird stores located in the US because I was always weary of shipping and the possible duty/brokerage fees.
However, after seeing how many people were pleased with toys they were getting at Grey Feather Toys and how amazing the toys looked, I finally decided to take the plunge earlier this month.

The toys got here last Monday.

Yesterday, I put the toys on the sofa so that multiple birds could try them out at once and I have to say, based on what I've seen so far, the toys are a success. Here are a few pictures.

Joey very decisively going towards the toys.

Zuri with the Spoonover.

I have two of the Spoonover and they will be going to Shade and Joey. I might order more later on and get one for Petey and Zuri as well.

Joey and the Baby Possession

Same toy..look at the tongue action!

Undecided...Little dipper or Dazzle?

Dazzle won!

With my order came a freebie. Looked quickly on the website and I can't find it so I don't know it's name..but it's definitively a favorite!

Joey and the "freebie"

Once Joey was done with it and moved onto other things, guess who came to investigate? Piper!..who was terrified of everything on Monday night.

Piper and the "feebie"

Piper and I playing tug-of-war with the "freebie"

The freebie also won over Shade, who was more terrified of everything than Piper Monday night. She eventually played with it. She wouldn't come near it if I offered it, but after it was put in a bowl on the tree for long enough she decided it was no longer threatening. It took her about two minutes that way to go down, get it and bring it back up with her.

Not so scared after all

Really enjoying the new toy

The freebie actually lead to Shade approaching one of the Bonbons Talon (which is also featured in the "Rough'n Tumble" post).

Moving beads

Head first into it!

Joey and the Bonbon

Really trying hard to get at those ridges

Finally, one last picture, this one to showcase the Little dipper.

Zuri and the Little dipper

All and all, this was a real positive experience and I'll surely continue to order from them in the future.

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Bryan said...

I enjoyed the lovely pictures of Joey, Petey, Zuri, Shade and Piper. It's really well taken and you are really professional in taking pictures! Awesome parrot toys you've got for your boys. I'm looking forward to see more action of them ;)