Saturday, June 5, 2010

More toys!

Well it's become apparent I'm not too good at updating this blog regularly.
I often have ideas but don't have the time to write anything when they hit me and then forget about it.

Anyways, over the last month or so I continued to order things from "Les Jouets Rosie" and haven't posted about them. One of these shipment came last week, the other..I can't remember, but apparently kept most of the toys ordered in the shipping box (clue that I have too many toys at the moment that I don't care to take out new ones immediately?).

In any case, here are some toys that came with that first shipment. I think it included two orders. On top of the toys pictured, I had a few grapevine perches (which the birds seem to love and so do I), some food crocks for Joey and Petey, some food (organic seed mix to sprout and some pellets) and a toy which is already in Shade's cage.

Toys from the first shipment

And here are some toys I ordered recently, all of them from the Rosie collection.

I also ordered one of the toy buckets she sells, which includes a lot of foot toys. It's proven rather difficult to take a picture of. I also have ordered an additional grapevine perch, two additional food crocks like I did previously for Joey and Petey, this time for Zuri and to have an extra on hand, as well as an extra double wood perch wrapped in cotton rope, from the Rosie collection (a favorite here as well).

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