Friday, June 25, 2010

Learning by example

I did mean to provide more frequent updates.
But things being what they were of late, I didn't find myself with the time to do so.

One of the things I have noticed when I first got Pixel was how she seemed to be a bit clueless as to what toys were for. She didn't really play, she just moved from perch to perch. The one on one time she spent cuddling with me.

She's definitively no Zuri.

As I've mentioned before, she was in a room with many other birds, but I don't recall many toys around the room. I think the room itself (walls included) acted as toys. Quite frankly, I'd rather keep my walls and furniture intact so I do provide plenty of other chewing opportunities.

I'll also be honest; once my vet gave me the indication that Pixel was quite healthy, I continued quarantine for a few days and then, about a week or so after she came here, I did slowly introduce her to the others. Here is my reasoning; the blood results came back clear and however I want to look at it, even if I kept Pixel in one room where the birds weren't, they do end up sharing the same air. I honestly believed she stood more to gain by coming in contact with the others and seeing how they act then there being any chance that she would make them sick.

And observing she has been doing since. She's even started to try and play with a few items. She's quite keen on imitating her smaller brother, Joey. She's taken to shelling almonds (didn't quite seem to know what to do before) after seeing him do it and she's starting to play with smaller softer foot toys (like pieces of cork) after Joey did the same. Since then, she's moved onto trying out different other things as well.

I do have a video of the two of them spending some time together doing similar things.

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larivers said...

Very sweet. They look great together ;0)