Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pixel - Day 4 (June 14th 2010)


She said peak-a-boo! I was playing with her (or mimicking her head movements) and that got her all excited and she let out that gem in the sweetest possible voice (yes, I’ll admit I’m smitten). I believe she also said “Stewie”, which I’ll try to convert to “Sweetie”.

She’s no longer hesitating to come and see me. She’ll readily come off the cage onto my finger. I also had her on my shoulder in the evening which meant I had to thoroughly clean myself before going to see the other birds.

I had also written to the breeder yesterday asking if she could give me the hatchdate based on the band information (remember, same breeder as Joey and Zuri). She got back to me this morning (definitively faster than when I tried to figure out Zuri’s hatchdate) and Pixie was hatched on September 26th, 2004, so she’s not quite 6 years old yet.

I am very happy with the way she has progressed in just three complete days (not going to count Friday here). She actually let me put her on her back in my hand, without trying to grab any fingers. I am still unable to do this with Zuri and it took me quite a bit to get to do it with Joey (and even there, I don’t try it always as he’s not always willing to cooperate).

Just keeping my fingers crossed that the blood test results come back tomorrow with no major problems.

Some pictures from day 4

Grooming - you can see that her eyes are definitively not an as vibrant orange-red as her brother (who has very striking eyes)

This will be it for the day to day updates.

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Tracy said...

She's beautiful. Congrats!