Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pixel - Day 2 (June 12th, 2010)

She seems a bit more shy today. She came out of her cage a few times but spent most of it inside (I left the door open quite a bit to let her in/out as she pleased).

However, she did eat a bit more of the pellets than she did yesterday. She also tried the piece of toast I give all my birds in the morning as well as the piece of peach which was the breakfast fruit of the day. I also saw her drink quite a bit and her droppings are a more normal colour, compared to the bright orange they were yesterday (a result of the pellets she previously ate).
I’m letting her go at her own pace though. I plan to read to her tonight once the other birds are in for the night (I spend an extra half hour – hour with her once the others are in). I want her to slowly get used to my presence and to come and see me when she feels like it. This is a lot of new stuff and there is no point to rush things.

Some pictures taken that day.

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