Saturday, October 16, 2010

A long overdue post

I had meant to post about Things for Wings before..I actually honestly believed I had done so, but it turns out I didn't..

Well Things for Wings is an awesome new bird toy part store which opened recently (in September). I had ordered a few items the moment I knew about them (which I think was right when the whole thing was official).

See, I've seen many people order wood pieces from Pet Products By Nature. I was often tempted myself to order, but not knowing what my birds would end up really enjoying and not enjoying, I found the quantities to order were rather large and given it was in the States, the whole thing would probably end up costing a lot of money. So I was really thrilled when I saw that Things for Wings offered smaller packages of these different types of wood which would allow me to try quite a few kinds without spending a fortune if it turns out the types of wood weren't liked.

The service was great, the packaging was done really well (once I opened the box and looked through everything I had in there, I found it impossible to repackage it as tight has it had been, even with one or two little individual bags missing..).

So my first order was made of toy making supplies, as no actual toys were being sold at the time. Here are a few pictures of some things I made with those supplies as well as some pictures of some of the Pois enjoying them.

Above I did mention that I had only toy parts in my first order. Well I just made one today and since my last order, the owner of Things for Wings has started making toys and selling them so that is what I mostly got this time around (still had to buy a few coins of the birds' favorite woods from last time).

Looking forward to receiving them!

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