Sunday, October 17, 2010

I think I have a problem...


Yeah that's yet another new Java table stand...

Ok to be honest, I have wanted that particular one for a few months now (I think I first saw it at the beginning of the summer) but it was far too expensive back then. Every few weeks I would go to the pet store it was at and look at the price. At one point it was cheaper by $10 which still made it too expensive so I waited some more.

Yesterday we went back at the pet store and I went in, as I always did, giving myself a limit on how much I would spend for it (this amount has always been the same) and there it was...even cheaper than my ceiling price! So I snatched it up.

If we put things in perspective, I'm still one Java tree short compared to how many birds I have (5 stands/trees to 6 birds), so I'm not totally crazy, right??? ;)

In the end, I got it $50-$60 cheaper than what it was first being sold for..

More pictures.

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