Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Cozy Nestbox

Today I received a test shipment of some goodies from the Cozy Nestbox.

It really stemmed from my desire to try the Poinciana seed pods after seeing many posts made about them on one of the bird forums I am on, by the owner of the Cozy Nestbox, Kelly. So Kelly offered to do a trial run and I got a few other items.

Some arrived here in great condition, some were not so great. Most of what was in my test package was ok for bird consumption though.

So far, the Poinciana seed pods (although they had started going brown (drying out) as we suspected they might) and the Christmas palm nuts are a big hit. I'll share a few pictures I have of the birds with the latter, I'll probably have the pictures with the Poinciana seed pods up tomorrow or sometime this week-end. Joey, Shade and Pixel were definitively the most enthusiastic about the products, Zuri chimed it when he saw Joey chewing on a seed pod and the prospect of stealing it away was too hard to resist ;) No luck so far with Piper or Petey.

Again, this was a test shipment to Canada. Kelly is still trying to figure out some things before making them widely available to Canadians. are some pictures :)

I started by giving them half a Christmas palm nut..

And then Joey decided he'd go towards the container I kept them in and stole a whole one and enjoyed on one of the stands..


Meg said...

Glad the order arrived mostly ok, and great pics! So far, all I have given my birds in the past have been dried palm nuts, but I think I will look into getting some fresh ones.

HungryBird said...

Very cool! I have been eyeing The Cozy Nestbox for a while now because I would love to try palm nuts. Your pictures look really nice, I wish my birds would hold food in their feet! How many palm nuts did you get?

Natacha said...

Meg - where do you get the dry stuff?

HungryBird - I had purchased the Poinciana seed pods as Kelly assumed they might travel best. She added a few others to see if they would survive the trip to Canada as she was concerned they might not and hence why they aren't typically offered to Canadians. So I can't really give you a quantity..mostly a handful of whatever kind she sent.