Monday, October 11, 2010

The RBs enjoying the new tree

I got a new Java table stand for the birds yesterday.

Not that I was planning to get another, but I'm convinced the store mislabeled the price (this store is notorious with sometimes having excessive mark-ups) and since I found it neat looking (and my boyfriend liked it even more than I did), I got it.

Quick trip on the Kings Cage website, I got it for less than KC sells it, and normally any of their items found in Canada are a tad more expensive than what is on their

The table stand is on our table...mind you, it had long been overtaken by bird stuff, the only none-bird related thing on it is whatever computer my boyfriend is using (mostly his work laptop).

As of now, it really seems like this mini-tree is Pixel's..she has spent the most time on it so far.

I have a few pictures from this morning, where both Red-bellieds were exploring the tree, playing with whatever toys I added on the designated hooks.

Entire tree

Just a little further..

Got it!

Joey climbing, Pixel looking

How to get down?


(look at the piece of wood fall from Joey's beak...)


Caitlin said...

They look like they are having a great time! Lucky birdies :)

I love that paper cup toy~ where did you get it?

Natacha said...

I got it from Pet Circus I think. It's a Living World (Hagen) toy.

Lifeistemporary said...

natacha, i've always admired your trees! this one is beautiful. keep the pics coming! :)