Sunday, February 3, 2013

A bit of everyone!

I was in the process of going through the older pictures on my phone to make space for newer ones and I realized I had a few unposted pictures..and as I was moving them, I realized I had done so for one of each of the flock members, without thinking about it!

I quite like this one of Shade - in fact, I am quite surprised I didn't post it before! (The fact that I hadn't resized it before today is what makes me think I haven't - I haven't actually gone back in former posts to confirm!)

Preening Joey - very common when cameras are involved.

Love Zuri's yellow cap!

Surprised Pixel.

Surprising well behaved Petey.

That piece of wood kept her busy for a long time on the evening I took the picture.

Piper loves the get-a-grip net - one of the few pictures of him not rubbing his head on it or chewing the fray pieces at the end of the net.

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