Sunday, February 3, 2013

Coral explosion on her wings!

It seemed lately that there has been an explosion of coral on Léa's "shoulders", so much so that I think there will finally be a solid strand of coral that goes from that area all the way down her wings soon!

She already has a nice solid and large band of coral going on the lower part of the bottom of her wings, the "shoulder" area was always the one place that needed to play catch up.

Léa's right wing

The fact is she has a lot of coral feathers on both "shoulders", but they are spread all over the place, fighting to get through all the green feathers, instead of being localized in one central area.

Léa's left wing

I guess this means that it's likely that she might have a wide spread of coral in those areas but I guess time will tell just how much she'll have.

Given that the coral has also exploded on her head recently, and feathers are popping up further and further back on her head, I'm curious how much she'll have there as well by the time she turns two in May.

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