Monday, February 4, 2013

Defying the purpose

The Wingdow comes with a nice perch.
And for most birds here, that perch is where they hang out while they look outside or play with some foot toys.

But Léa sees it otherwise. She likes to defy the whole purpose of the Wingdow by perching where she shouldn't perch.

When I first glanced at the picture above as I was about to process it (mostly crop and resize), I had to keep reminding myself that the alignment was right and that it was how I took the picture, given how, if you flipped it from landscape to portrait, it would look like Léa was standing upright.

After playing peacefully on the Wingdow perch for quite some time last night, she found, as she usually does, that it was time to explore.

Let's move sideways!

But, as is often the case, she didn't want to stay in one spot so she proceeded to move to the other side - the hardest way possible. Instead of going back down and then walking accross and going back up, she just tried to slide sideways. This was actually quite entertaining, as she kept accidentally sliding downwards.

Perfectly perched

She finally did make it to the other corner. But since the blinds are right within reach and that I don't want her to play with them, we took her down, and did the same with the Wingdow as it had gotten dark outside and there wasn't much to see anymore.

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