Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy "Gotcha day" Pixel!

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of Pixel joining the flock.

While I'm normally "on top" of these things, and I had thought about it quickly this morning, it really didn't hit me until earlier this evening, while doing some parrot-related chores. And when I realized it was 3 years, I was surprised it had been that long.

Three years ago that I got scared on our way to the vet by her bright orange feces (thanks to all the dyes in her previous pelleted diet). Three years since she was a little unsure of us at first.

I can really do just about anything I want with her, however the Boy still needs to gain her trust fully. She's taken her place in the flock, and although I would like to her to not want to attack Shade as badly, things are still going fairly well on most days.

And it wouldn't be a post about Pixel if there wasn't a picture of her looking somewhat dainty (sorry, no yawn shot tonight!)

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