Saturday, June 29, 2013

June's "Cooking for the birds"

This year I am trying to take advantage of the local Farmers' markets in a more regular fashion than I did in previous years.

So far, since they officially begun 3 weeks ago in my area, we've been every single Saturday.

Last week, we got a lot of stuff, and given the week-end was grey and rainy, I proceeded to make a big batch of food for the birds; it had been a while since I last did so.

What is pictured above is most of what went in as veggies (and most of them are organic, except the carrots), although there were a few additional ingredients that I sadly had to purchase at the store.

-Rainbow chard (pictured)
-Purple kale (pictured)
-Black kale (pictured)
-Carrots (pictured)
-Turnips (pictured)
-Beets (pictured)
-Sweet potato
-Peas (from frozen)
-Chick peas
-Adzuki beans
-Mung beans

All the veggies were cooked using the steamers. On top of the listed greens, I also used the green tops from the turnips and the beet roots.

I had originally wanted to also add some barley and some lentils, but the container got full so they'll be used another time.

This is what the food looked like, once all chopped, steamed/cooked and mixed up. So far it's been a huge success with the birds, including Petey who's been a picky eater lately. All in all, once the food was portioned, we ended up with 5 weeks worth of food! I might make more batches sooner than later, using whatever I'll find in season; it's nice to be able to select vegetables that were picked either earlier that day or the day before and use them right away!

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MagicSonicKitty said...

Wow, that looks really healthy!