Sunday, June 16, 2013

Skewer re-filling day

Yesterday I spent a little time re-filling some of the skewer toys that had been mostly depleted over the past week.



For the most part, the smaller guys have a harder time chewing the harder beads that I use to separate the other wooden pieces when they are strung up directly on a skekwer, as they can't really get a good hold on them to figure out the best breaking spot, as when they are provided as foot toys. So I know that when the skewers are down to mainly only wooden beads, it's time to spruce them up a little, otherwise the birds lose interest in them.

The pine slats I cut last November and I still have a little stash left, although I might have to consider cutting more in the next few weeks. These make for such an easy toy to put together, and fairly cheap, and are loved by the birds. They also get put together in no time!

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